14th Annual

NoteWorthy Investor Summit

Spring 2021 | Orlando, Florida



For over 30 years, the NoteWorthy has been the annual meet-up for all the players in the Real Estate Note business. Whether you are a performing, nonperforming, owner financed, firsts, seconds, hard money lender, private lender, residential or commercial investor, this event is for you!

Join us for three days of intimate discussions about the note and real estate investing business. We want to empower you by providing you with the resources you are looking for to start, improve, or expand your business. 

We are the Nations #1 Event in the Secondary Market for Paper, Real Estate & Alternative Investments. At the Summit you will learn and network with industry leaders, speakers, service providers and investors just like you that are in the trenches every day doing deals. This event is Not a pitch fest...Click here to listen to what Attendees are saying. All the speakers have been vetted and hand selected based on their area of expertise and willingness to share their successes and failures. Real Case Studies will be shared that are current and relevant in today's market. We will have an awards ceremony to recognize people for their accomplishments and contributions to the industry.

There will be several Panels that will cover a wide array of topics and include plenty of time for your questions to be heard and answered. We invite you to check out the rest of the website and lookup some of the Speakers and Expert Vendors prior to attending the Convention so you may become more familiar and be best prepared to make the most out of your experience. Also, please review the Venue and FAQ sections for important logistics information.


Orlando, Florida


Spring, 2021


$497/In-Person Live $97/Virtual Livestream

Here’s a peek at what you’ll get at the Summit...  

  • Where To Find More Notes: Performing, Re-Performing & Non-Performing, CFDs, Land Contracts, Residential, Multi-Family, Commercial  
  • How to Broker Notes for Cash, Now  
  • How to Quickly Analyze A Deal 
  • What's Working Now for Raising Private Capital
  • Self-Directed IRA Investing and Strategies to Turbo-Charge them  
  • State of the Note Union and Capital Markets Discussions  
  • How to Hypothecate  
  • How to Buy and Sell Partials  
  • Advanced & Beginner Due Diligence Strategies and Checklists  
  • Where to Get More Capital to Fund Your Deals  
  • How to Streamline the Note Buying Process  
  • Workout and Asset Management Strategies and the Tools/Vendors/Software used  
  • Multi-family Syndication Case Studies  
  • How to Stay SEC Compliant When Borrowing or Partnering With Others  
  • Participate in Panel Discussions and Real Case Studies of Deals Completed in the Past 12 Months  
  • Special Networking Sessions Designed to Help You Make Connections with the Right People  

>And Much, Much More! 

What you will NOT get...

  • NO SALES PITCHES. We teach. This is a professional meeting for professional people. If a speaker has an educational product or service (with the permission of the Host) they may extend an invitation for a special event discounted offer and to learn more by talking to them after their respective presentation or in the Exhibit Hall
  • NO INEXPERIENCED SPEAKERS who talk about theory with NO hands-on results
  • NO TALKERS JUST WALKERS…. The room will be filled with investors ready to make deals. Investors new to note investing are welcome as long as you are an action taker looking for the right opportunities now. 

Don't miss a beat.

Check out the three day schedule so you can pick and plan each day accordingly.



You’ll also get the chance to participate in our favorite “Hot Seat” sessions and receive one-on-one coaching from a selection of speakers and panelists. You can tell us about your business and your challenges or share your ideas and describe your systems.  

We’ll offer you personal advice on maximizing your note and real estate investing business. This kind of intimate interaction is usually reserved for our private consulting clients – but it will be available to you at the event by application. And, finally, did we already mention networking?  

We count among our audience some of the most amazing real estate and note investors! Network in an environment of total fun and excitement as you create the synergistic relationships and lucrative partnerships that will propel your business forward.  

A business that fills you with excitement and joy-and generates the consistent monthly income you need to stop worrying and start enjoying both your professional and your personal life-is waiting for you.  

Join us Spring, 2021 in Orlando Florida to create the investment business you’ve always wanted.  

We’ll help you discover the tweaks you need to make to enjoy the freedom and fulfillment of being a successful note investor.  

All you have to do is Register now.

We’ll see you there!  

In Success,  

Aaron Halderman Host, NoteWorthy

Meet the 2021 Summit Speakers. We’re still finalizing our full slate of speakers, but here’s just a sample of who’s already on board. Join these industry leaders as they speak at various presentations throughout the event. They come from various investing backgrounds and experience and will come with a wide array of thoughts and opinions.

Aaron Halderman Host, NoteWorthy Publisher, NoteWorthy Newsletter Founder, IronSide Capital 

Benjamin Fredricks Co-Host, NoteWorthy Co-Founder, OBREO.net 

Mat Sorensen, Esq. Owner, DirectedIRA.com Author, SDIRAhandbook.com 

Kevin Shortle KevinShortle.com Contributor, NoteWorthy Newsletter 

Matt Kelley Special Default Services Keynote 

Chaz Guinn RevCapGroup.com Keynote

Brent Kesler TheMoneyMultiplier.com

Bob Zachmeier NoteCarry.com

Dawn Rickabaugh NoteQueen.com
Note Investor 

Saprina Allen
Asset Mgmt/Workout Specialist - Panelist 

Russ O'Donnell CallTheUnderwriter.com 

Jason Powell, Esq. JasonMPowell.com

Bill Tan
Financial Calculator & Creative Cash Flow Expert 

Chris Helland ReigUSA.com Panel Moderator 

Bob Malecki Notablefund.com

Carrie Cook IgniteFunding.com

Jeff Spiegel SpiegelCorp.com

Desi Arnaz InvestBrilliantly.com

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